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Surface Rights and Energy Consulting

Based in Leduc, assisting you with the process and the outcome

Leading and Coaching you through the Process.

Having an energy company wanting to drill on your land and putting in a pipeline is not normal farm business and requires landowners to expand their leadership. I can help:

  • Provide you with expertise and coach you in the process.
  • Retool information to assist your rent reviews.

Access to the Land

The right to enter a person's land is issued with the approval of an AER or AUC license. In the event a landowner and the energy company can not agree on an access agreement, the company can get the access from the SRB.

Gilchrist Consulting

Annual Rent

Did you know annual rent from an energy company for a well site is a future based discussion? The amount you receive is a combination of loss of gross earnings and the inconvenience costs associated with going around the well site. We can help you build an evidence package.

Are they drilling near my farm?

You can now search for a application by land location.

AER Notice Search

New Adverse Effect Worksheet

The more a farm records the interference, the better the evidence